Front End Developer

London, United Kingdom · Product


Hi, recruiter! If you're reading this and looking to work with us please go through this document first. If you're not viewing this from our careers site please go there for the link. Thanks!


Our world-class platforms enable brilliantly talented therapists to provide caring treatments to customers wherever and whenever they want a well deserved treat. In the past 2 years we've launched in 3 international locations and provided hundreds of thousands of massages to customers in need of a treat! We're now looking at many other international locations this year and a range of different wellness services.THE ROLE

We are looking for a great front-end developer to join us.

Our product team is full of highly-skilled multi-disciplined engineers working closely with each other across design, engineering and testing. Our fast-moving team bring together strategy, creativity and technology in agile programmes of work. We embrace strong development standards, continuous integration, peer review, test automation and replicable deployment processes. Within this role, you'd be encouraged to explore new technologies and take ownership of your work.

We’re currently in the process of building new products using React and MobX. We also use AngularJs in many places on our platform, we’re always looking to improve and consolidate our tech stack and our developers are at the forefront of these decisions. Our bleeding-edge backend platform is formed of an API-gateway + micro service architecture leveraging Node.js. Our data layer uses a combination of SQL and NoSQL databases.





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