About Urban Massage

We began with a goal we still have today - to revolutionise the wellness industry. We wanted to lift it into the modern day consumer marketplace where people can book anything they need, to their door, in a few clicks.It's been quite a journey since we launched in 2014!

We've grown significantly - and have experienced a lot together in a short time! Our UK business is established with a centre of excellence based in London, our French business is growing, we're exploring more locations and types of wellness services. The total global market opportunity is huge - and we have lots of ambition.

Our people are incredibly important to our success and take key roles in our growth. We've grown from 10 to 50 in the last year. We're a diverse, entrepreneurial and hard-working team. Our working environment is all about supporting success - take a look at our role profiles to see where you could fit in!

If you'd like to learn more before applying, here are some ways to:

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